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Von: Asha Vihar
16 August 2019

Training for Jitendra

886,00€ Goal

Jitendra came to us in 2005 at the age of 4 to the children’s village in Asha Vihar.

He was always a good student and showed a lot of enthusiasm in learning. After graduating from high school in the summer of last year, Jitendra showed interest in physiotherapy. We wanted to find out if he was really serious and decided that he would only do an internship in our physiotherapy for one year. He showed this year that he was a very motivated and loving intern who learned with devotion.

Jitendra has now received a training position as a Bachelor in Physiotherapy and is now studying about 40 km south of Kolkata. The training lasts 4.5 years and costs 70,000 (886,00 €) rupees per semester. This is also a lot of money for us, but we urgently need new blood for our clinic, so a win-win situation.

It would be great if we could spread the costs over several shoulders, so we ask you to donate for the training of Jitendra and so help him and us sustainably and to support.