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Self-Sufficientcy in Asha Vihar



It is part of our guiding idea to become self-sufficient and thus increasingly independent of external factors. This includes, for example, the construction of an overflow dam to ensure:




The nationwide sinking groundwater level caused our wells to dry up in 2002 – an existential crisis. It forced us to come up with a complex solution: strict separation of drinking and service water, and the construction of a large overflow dam and a large surface water well on the banks of the Izri, the river flowing past Asha Vihar. The success was sweeping: Since 2007, there were no more water shortages in Asha Vihar. In the summer of 2016, as a result of a prolonged drought, we were yet again limited in water supply, urging us to think about expanding our system, e.g. through the construction of more overflow dams.




The goal is the extensive power supply with self sustainable solar energy. This concept has been completely implemented in the children’s village, the hospital, the ambulance and the staff cafeteria. Even a highly modern drug refrigerator runs on a solar-only basis. Power-intensive units (water pump, autoclaves, surgical systems) are operated by a generator.




Extensive independence from external influences is our goal in personnel policy: training our employees through schooling; professional integration of our orphans in the project; Accommodation of our staff in apartments on the site of Asha Vihars and immediately adjacent to the Family Quarter. Extensive occupation of the board of our Indian company (Peace Bird Society) by employees of Asha Vihar. The desired “side effect”: In this way, we contribute to the increasing self-empowerment of our children and employees and thus make an important contribution to development aid.