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Drinking water filter for Asha Vihar

The engineer Arno Traut used his vacation to build and install a drinking water filter in Asha Vihar. Arno had previously organized the “Paul” water filter through a donation from the Lions Club in Oldenburg. On site, a concept had to be worked out that could take all the needs into account. The filter had […]

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Blankets for winter

This year we distributed blankets again because it is getting very cold in our state of Jharkhand. At night, the temperatures often barely reach 7 ° and all without heaters. Then it is particularly important that the old and the children in particular are given warm blankets. This time we distributed 200 blankets in the […]

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Training as nurses completed successfully

Aheliya (left) and Kavita, two of our girls who once came to our orphanage as little children, have their BSC Nurses training (highest education as a nurse) after 4 years with top marks! completed. While Kavita will be working for Asha Vihar in the rehab clinic, Aheliya will continue to study with the aim of becoming […]

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Surgical Camp 2019

This year, the team from Germany around Dr. med. Hans Georg Zechel, helped 27 children in 34 surgeries into a new life. All children have since left Asha Vihar well. Surgeries like Club feet, X and O legs, as well as Tip toes were performed to children between the ages of 5 months and 13 years. Likewise, […]

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Asha Vihar is cooking with gas now!

For a long time we cooked in our kitchen with the large coal stoves and hard coal, as it is usual almost everywhere in India. But we too want to continue to make our contribution to the clean environment. Thanks to our donors, we were able to change to the much greener gas. After a […]

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Rehabilitation clinic Asha Vihar – true pioneering work

After we decided in the end of 2017 to build a rehabilitation clinic in Asha Vihar, following a largely German example, all preparations are in full swing. We do not want to wait until there is enough money to build new buildings, because they will be absolutely necessary for the accommodation of the patients. Patients […]

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Surgical-Camp Asha Vihar 2018

From 18.01 to 30.1.2017 the annual surgical camp took place in Asha Vihar. This time, 17 surgeries on 11 children were performed on three days of surgery. The lower number of patients compared to previous years was related to the fact that this year was not only a humanitarian intervention, but also a workshop for […]

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