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28 Years of Asha Vihar

In 1995 the project Asha Vihar was founded by Claudia Zechel. A lot has been moved and achieved in the past 28 years. A large campus has grown from a small mud hut built to treat around 2-3 patients. Now 100 patients come to us in Asha Vihar every day and the number keeps growing. […]

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Asha Vihar at the Therapy Leipzig Exhibition

THERAPY Leipzig was not only a good place to present Asha Vihar to a larger audience, but also a good opportunity for networking. We spoke to training centers and found out about new forms of therapy in order to continue to develop and improve Asha Vihar. However, the start of the Exhibition was not easy. […]

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Growth in the children’s village

This is Birbal. Birbal used to live with his father not far from Asha Vihar. The contact to the family comes through his brother Vishnu, who has been living with us in the children’s village for five years. When the father died about three months ago, we took Birbal in as a makeshift guest, because […]

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We are starting group therapy for CP children

NOT JUST A WIN FOR THE LITTLE PATIENTS Children are very social creatures with or without physical or mental disabilities, they need contact with other children. In group therapy, children can learn from each other and help each other. Not only the body is challenged, but also the brain – and the nice thing about […]

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New Satellite Station in West Bengal

We are very pleased that we were able to open a new and additional satellite station this month February’22. Not only is it the furthest from Asha Vihar (80km), it is also the first in the neighboring state of West Bengal. In addition, this station will initially be open 3 days a week, our other […]

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Asha Vihar delivers up to 100 meals a day to a quarantine station

Asha Vihar is now not only distributing care packages to the needy in the villages, but also, since May 10, finished meals to a quarantine station 25 km away. Many migrant workers who were previously stuck in other states, far from home, are now allowed to return home with specially designed transports. However, they must […]

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Drinking water filter for Asha Vihar

The engineer Arno Traut used his vacation to build and install a drinking water filter in Asha Vihar. Arno had previously organized the “Paul” water filter through a donation from the Lions Club in Oldenburg. On site, a concept had to be worked out that could take all the needs into account. The filter had […]

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Blankets for winter

This year we distributed blankets again because it is getting very cold in our state of Jharkhand. At night, the temperatures often barely reach 7 ° and all without heaters. Then it is particularly important that the old and the children in particular are given warm blankets. This time we distributed 200 blankets in the […]

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