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Asha Vihar

Place of Hope

The Johar Society has been working with their project Asha Vihar in the state of Jharkhand in the northeast of India for 25 years. The focus is on humanitarian aid and holistic medical care for the people of Jharkhand.

In 2004, founder Claudia Zechel was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit for her years of commitment to Asha Vihar. More about Asha Vihar





The Children

Due to the Lockdown, all schools are closed, but our children were still taught. From Germany. Thanks to the good internet connection in Asha Vihar, the classes for the 3rd – 10th grade could be continued via video chat.

Daily Team meetings

Not being able to be on site in this difficult situation hits us very much, but an emergency team consisting of medical staff, childcare, security and cooks has remained in Asha Vihar. We are very impressed and grateful because this team has decided to stay in Asha Vihar and not go home to their families, where they are also urgently needed and missing.
We are in daily contact with Asha Vihar via video chat and coordinate the project from Germany. In this way we can organize all necessary relief actions and work.


The Medical Team

Since no patients can currently be treated in Asha Vihar, the medical team that remains in Asha Vihar uses the time to continue their education. Courses in anatomy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, as well as advanced training courses in acupuncture are held daily.

Help for cause

These fund-raising campaigns show the current need. When the donation goal is reached, the campaigns are displayed as "completed".

Treadmill for the new REHAB-Centre

For our new

Mosquito nets for all people

Again this season

Ambulance for lying transport

For many of

Recent news

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23 Feb 2022 0

New Satellite Station in West Bengal

We are very pleased that we were able to open a new and additional satellite station this month February’22. Not only is it the furthest from Asha Vihar (80km), it is also the first in the neighboring state of West