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Place of Hope

The Johar Society has been working with their project Asha Vihar in the state of Jharkhand in the northeast of India for 25 years. The focus is on humanitarian aid and holistic medical care for the people of Jharkhand.

In 2004, founder Claudia Zechel was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit for her years of commitment to Asha Vihar. More about Asha Vihar





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Our Children

Most schools in India were closed for 18 months due to the pandemic situation. If there were any classes, it was mostly online. So that there was no huge educational gap for our children, we continued to teach from Germany on a regular basis. That was a major technical challenge – on both sides. The children’s exam results have rewarded our efforts. Schools have finally been open again for all children since November of this year.

Place sign for Asha Vihar

In September 2022, Asha Vihar received its own cartographic point on the map – including a place-in and place-out sign. We were very happy and proud that our work, which we have been doing with love for 26 years, was confirmed with this gesture.



Aheliya (left) and Anjali (right) started their new training this summer. Aheliya is now studying medicine with the aim of becoming a doctor. This is of course a special feature, because she comes from a village not far from Asha Vihar. In addition, Adivasi only very rarely have the opportunity to begin a course of study.

Anjali, also a child from our children’s village, begins her training as a nurse in Ranchi. We are very proud of both of them. You can find more information about supporting the two and other of our children hier..

Help for cause

These fund-raising campaigns show the current need. When the donation goal is reached, the campaigns are displayed as "completed".

Education of our children

Treadmill for the new REHAB-Centre

For our new

Mosquito nets for all people

Again this season

Ambulance for lying transport

For many of

Recent news

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28 Years of Asha Vihar

In 1995 the project Asha Vihar was founded by Claudia Zechel. A lot has been moved and achieved in the past 28 years. A large campus has grown from a small mud hut built to treat around 2-3 patients. Now