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Asha Vihar not only needs your financial support, we would also be grateful for your time donation, which we can put to use selectively. Sustainability is particularly important in this context, ie the training and further education of our employees, so that the possible innovations and improvements can be understood after your traineeship and can be continued without you.

That way you, as well as we, can make sure that your important and valuable work in Asha Vihar will have a long lasting effect even after your stay.

Many things are very different in India.

Apart from the climatic stress and the simple life in Asha Vihar, working in India can often be very unusual, too. Patience and talent for improvisation are important qualities that a volunteer should bring along, because quite often it is not until Plan B or C that you reach the goal.

We are also happy to receive applications from newcomers to the field of overseas assignment. We will then discuss the mutual wishes and expectations in advance in a detailed discussion so that any possible disappointments can be minimized.

Asha Vihar is looking forward to your support.

Volunteers wanted:



 Not only are we constantly looking for physiotherapists who support our Indian team in therapy, ongoing clinical operations, and constantly want to expand their knowledge, but your know-how in the organization and documentation of patients and patient data would also be in demand and valuable.

Since we now also extend our therapy offer to include rehabilitation, we are also looking for physiotherapists as well as ergo and sports therapists for support the development of therapy plans and concepts, along with the implementation of individual therapies. Neurorehabilitation plays an important role here, as the largest number of our patients come to our clinic to treat the consequences of strokes or accidents.

• English
• Completed vocational training or a final internship in Asha Vihar is possible
• Work experience abroad or in developing countries would be desirable

Minimum duration: 4 – 8 weeks.

If you are interested, please contact us via our contact form.




Our electrical systems constantly need competent maintenance as well as necessary improvements.

We’re looking for a seasoned electrician who not only checks, eliminates and improves our on-campus electrics for vulnerabilities, but also trains our Indian staff on maintenance and corrective action.

The entire campus is provided with solar energy as well as generators and public energy supply.

• English
• Expertise in solar systems
• Independent and instructive work with the Indian team

Minimum duration: 4 – 8 weeks.

If you are interested, please contact us via our contact form.