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The Surgical Camp



The lives of many children are marked by pain, limitations, stigmatization and poverty since birth, as there is no reliable health system in India. Many illnesses and diseases, which are treated quickly and free of charge in Germany, remain untreated here – with fatal consequences. Especially in rural areas the medical supply situation is poor; and so, too, in the area around Asha Vihar. Therefore, the Johar Society not only provides the basic medical care for the people living there, but has set up an annual surgical camp in Asha Vihar taking place every January since 1998. The effects of surgery are indeed life-changing: they range from the newfound ability to finally play with other children, the school attendance that is made possible for the children due to the operation, to the possibility of living a self-determined life, and thus being able to raise and feed a family.



During the surgical camps, a team of doctors surgically correct club feet and other lower limb deformities in toddlers and children up to 6 years of age. A team of about 15 nurses assists them in the operations and provides aftertreatment for the small patients. Every year about 50 procedures are carried out. Over the last few years, more than 500 clubfoot corrections have been made, allowing children to live without restrictions.
Here you can find all operations of the camp 2016.




The cost of surgery varies greatly depending on the nature of the procedure. The majority of costs is added up by the materials needed for the surgeries.


  • a) Clubfoot surgery on one side: approx. 80 $
  • b) Clubfoot surgery on both sides: approx. 110 $
  • c) The procedure for extreme deformities: between 580 $ und 820 $


The team is not paid for their work in Asha Vihar: doctors and carers work free of charge and donate time, leave and expertise to help the children. Most of them bear the travel expenses themselves. But not all of them can. The costs of flights, materials and follow-ups to be provided by the Johar Society are enormous.


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