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Medical starting points in our hospital are conventional medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, homeopathy and physiotherapy. Treatment is free for destitute patients.

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Children’s Village

In our children’s village, orphans and half-orphans grow up in a loving and safe environment. With the help of donations, we are able to fund the education and training of the children – a prerequisite for an independent life.

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Annually since 1998, a German team has been operating on children with clubfeet and musculoskeletal problems. The physiotherapeutic and orthopedic aftercare is provided by our Indian team. If necessary, even over years.

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Rehab center

At the new REHA station, we can offer handicapped children and adults urgently needed rehabilitation therapies in order to give them more autonomy and mobility in everyday life. This enables us to counteract social isolation and the associated impoverishment.

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Our help in the villages

Whether it is cleaning wells, distributing relief supplies such as blankets or mosquito nets, or even educational work and vaccination: The use of Asha Vihar for the inhabitants of the surrounding villages is diverse.

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Satellite Stations

In order to also help those who can not make their way to Asha Vihar, the Johar Society has set up satellite stations in the villages of Chando, Hissim, Tondra and Borai, which are up to 25 km away.

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