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Asha Vihar and the Villages


Help in the Villages

The comprehensive health care of the rural population by the Johar Society includes many activities that are beyond the scope of purely medical work. These include, for example, prevention measures against annually recurring infectious diseases, the distribution of relief supplies, as well as educational work. Here is an overview of the projects in the villages:


Cleaning of wells

Diseases such as cholera and typhus are caused by contaminated and pathogen infested water. The regular cleaning of the collectively used groundwater wells in the villages around Asha Vihar significantly reduces the occurrence of these diseases and the associated high infant mortality.For more than 20 years, Asha Vihar has been cleaning the wells with the villagers. Support us with your donation to provide people with clean drinking water.


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Every year, many people in the villages around Asha Vihar fall ill and die due to recurrent epidemics such as malaria and dengue fever. Free distribution of mosquito nets to poor villagers around Asha Vihar is one of the most effective ways to prevent these diseases. A positive side effect of distributing mosquito nets to the poor is that the local economy benefits because the mosquito nets are purchased from local dealers.

Asha Vihar distributes between 200 and 400 mosquito nets per year free of charge to the poorest people in the surrounding villages. A mosquito net costs about 3.80 $.

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Never has life-saving education been more popular: theatre is used to provide valuable health education in the surrounding villages. With the support of Indian theater groups, people are introduced to protection against infections in an entertaining, vivid, and humorous way. This type of education is extremely effective in the area around Asha Vihar, as many villagers are unable to read and write. For example, they will learn what transmission pathways exist for diseases and how to quickly identify certain dangerous diseases.
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