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28 Years of Asha Vihar
Von Asha Vihar
7 September 2023

In 1995 the project Asha Vihar was founded by Claudia Zechel. A lot has been moved and achieved in the past 28 years. A large campus has grown from a small mud hut built to treat around 2-3 patients. Now 100 patients come to us in Asha Vihar every day and the number keeps growing.

“Asha Vihar” meaning “place of hope” lives up to its name. The newly built REHA clinic is a major reason for this. Our rehabilitation therapies, a tailor-made mixture of therapeutic approaches based on the German model and the invaluable knowledge of Far Eastern Chinese TCM and Ayurvedic, allow the number of patients to skyrocket. Our treatment successes in neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation prove us right.

Our children in the children’s village get a good education and we hope that they will secure the future of Asha Vihar and one day continue it.

All of this is only possible with the support of you, dear donors, employees and supporters.


Stay by our side!

There was another big party to which everyone from the area was invited. Sports games and competitions such as long and high jump, soccer and cricket tournaments made the event exciting and great fun, especially for all the children. Everyone got enough food and the winners got all kinds of useful prizes.


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