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Asha Vihar delivers up to 100 meals a day to a quarantine station
Von Asha Vihar
13 May 2020

Asha Vihar is now not only distributing care packages to the needy in the villages, but also, since May 10, finished meals to a quarantine station 25 km away. Many migrant workers who were previously stuck in other states, far from home, are now allowed to return home with specially designed transports. However, they must first be in quarantine for 14 days. Up to 100 people in this station now have to be provided with food every day. Asha Vihar decided to help here too. We prepare the meals in Asha Vihar and then take them to the mostly exhausted homecomers.

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Everyone helps prepare meals for the quarantine station

Up to 100 meals leave Asha Vihar every day


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