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Rehabilitation clinic Asha Vihar – true pioneering work
Von Asha Vihar
25 June 2018

After we decided in the end of 2017 to build a rehabilitation clinic in Asha Vihar, following a largely German example, all preparations are in full swing. We do not want to wait until there is enough money to build new buildings, because they will be absolutely necessary for the accommodation of the patients. Patients should benefit from our project as soon as possible, so we need to do real pioneering work in all areas.

Volunteer Peter Buchholz, visited Asha Vihar for the second time, Now for three months and immediately went to work. After the discovery and sighting of old rotten equipment, Peter conjured the first therapy devices almost out of nowhere.

From old to new!


The range of rehab exceeds all our expectations and unfortunately we can not yet include all patients in need of special treatment in the program. There is still too much missing, but we are working hard to help more and more patients in this way.

In addition to the necessary financial support for the construction of a rehabilitation center, we absolutely need professional staff as volunteers such as: physiotherapists, sports and occupational therapists. If you are interested please contact the project management or the management. Contact details can be found on this website. Contact.



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