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Von: Asha Vihar
2 August 2018

Mosquito nets for all people

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600€ Goal

Again this season we need as many mosquito nets as we can get to distribute them to the villages in our area.

Malaria is considered to be poverty-related diseases because the vast majority of sufferers simply could not afford the measures to prevent malaria. We can only confirm that: many inhabitants of the surrounding villages are too poor to buy mosquito nets. This is all the more tragic because mosquito nets not only provide protection against malaria infection, but also against other mosquito-borne diseases such as filariasis. In addition, mosquito nets provide protection against the dengue fever transmitted by a diurnal mosquito to the elderly and infants who rest or sleep during the day. Last year we were already able to distribute 1000 mosquito nets. Thanks to your help!

1 mosquito net costs 3.20 €

Your donation will help protect the poor from malaria infection.

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