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Growth in the children’s village
Von Asha Vihar
5 May 2023

This is Birbal. Birbal used to live with his father not far from Asha Vihar. The contact to the family comes through his brother Vishnu, who has been living with us in the children’s village for five years.

When the father died about three months ago, we took Birbal in as a makeshift guest, because there was no one who could have taken care of him. Vishnu’s joy was great.

The two are now orphans and apart from two uncles they have no one left to take care of Birbal. We have used the last few weeks to think about the future of Birbal. It wasn’t easy because an uncle wanted to keep Birbal to work for him. After many discussions with the relatives and the bureaucracy marathon, Birbal is now allowed to live with us and, like his brother, gets the chance for a better future.

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