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New Satellite Station in West Bengal
Von Asha Vihar
23 February 2022

We are very pleased that we were able to open a new and additional satellite station this month February’22. Not only is it the furthest from Asha Vihar (80km), it is also the first in the neighboring state of West Bengal. In addition, this station will initially be open 3 days a week, our other 4 satellite stations only look after patients one day a week.

The satellite stations are intended to treat patients who cannot come to the clinic in Asha Vihar. Of course, the treatment of poor patients is free of charge.

This station is managed by one of our Indian employees, who we value not only for his expertise but also for his many years of commitment to the entire project. Sukdev Rajak is not only secretary of our Indian association, but also a very competent practitioner of TCM.

We thank all donors. Stay by our side!


The run was already large on the first opening day.

5 beds in two rooms are available for patients. Men and women are treated in separate rooms.

Sukdev Rajak, in charge of the new satellite station in West Bengal.


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