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Rehabilitation clinic Asha Vihar – true pioneering work

After we decided in the end of 2017 to build a rehabilitation clinic in Asha Vihar, following a largely German example, all preparations are in full swing. We do not want to wait until there is enough money to build new buildings, because they will be absolutely necessary for the accommodation of the patients. Patients […]

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Surgical-Camp Asha Vihar 2018

From 18.01 to 30.1.2017 the annual surgical camp took place in Asha Vihar. This time, 17 surgeries on 11 children were performed on three days of surgery. The lower number of patients compared to previous years was related to the fact that this year was not only a humanitarian intervention, but also a workshop for […]

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Asha Vihar distributes up to 1000 mosquito nets

Just in time for the start of the rainy season, we were able to start with generous donations from Germany and India, with a large-scale distribution of mosquito nets to the needy. Until the end of July we will distribute up to 1000 mosquito nets in many villages. Especially settlements near the jungle need this […]

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Living “Complementary Medicine” in Asha Vihar

Every now and then it happens that once a treatment therapy has begun, it does not show the effect everybody hoped for. The suggestion of a practitioner (Parwan Jee) to re-examine the therapy with the entire medical team from all areas available to us (acupuncture, Ayurvedik, conventional medicine, homeopathy and physiotherapy), has an effect. Today, […]

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Distribution of blankets in the surrounding villages of Asha Vihars

This year the winter was cold in Jharkhand. At nocturnal temperatures around 8 degrees, people are freezing in their huts. In November / December we called for donations to distribute as many blankets as necessary. Thanks to the quick support of the donors, we were able to distribute 600 warm blankets. Blankets were distributed in […]

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The work of the volunteers from Germany helps Asha Vihar

We are especially happy about the great support of the volunteers who came to Asha Vihar in early January. Birgit Suelmann (doctor), Peter Buchholz (firefighter) and Rieke Flögel (physiotherapist). We thank you for your great commitment. Here is some information about their missions: Dr. Birgit Suelmann was in Asha Vihar for 4 weeks and assisted […]

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Surgical-Camp 2016: Results and costs

The “Surgical Camp 2016” took place in January / February in Asha Vihar. 10 competent volunteers from Bremen, Oldenburg, Berlin and Vienna flew to Asha Vihar to perform surgery on for 20 children mainly club feet and knee deformities on 5 working days (31 surgeries). They sacrificed 10 days of their vacation and mostly paid […]

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Asha Vihar donates firewood to villagers

In recent months, due to the storm damage caused by cyclone Roanu in May, some trees had to be felled in Asha Vihar, and branches had to be removed by many. This has accumulated a lot of wood. Most of it we gave free of charge to the mostly poor inhabitants of the surrounding villages, […]

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New orphans in Asha Vihar

Again and again, mothers, fathers, or other family members come to Asha Vihar and ask us to take one or more of their children. The reason is almost always the same: impoverishment due to death or serious illness of one parent, sometimes of both parents. The family, which was previously poor, slips into extreme poverty. […]

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Water shortage in Asha Vihar

The river Izri, which leads past Asha Vihar, has almost completely dried up in the last few weeks. The wells (service and drinking water) on the riverbank and on the site are almost dried up. This is the second year in a row that the monsoon in our area of India has been delayed so […]

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