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Donation Campaign

Von: Asha Vihar
24 September 2018

Treadmill for the new REHAB-Centre

2420€ Goal

For our new REHAB-Centre we need training equipment, such as this treadmill. It is necessary for the gentle mobilization of patients and, with its flat and even surface, is also safer than many ways outside the ward. The children operated in the OP camp can take their first steps in a safe environment and get fit for the “new” everyday life.

But our many other patients who suffer from paralysis due to stroke, accidents or other causes, will be able to participate more quickly autonomously in life through the rehabilitation therapy.

Why is it so expensive?

We first looked for home appliances and then learned in consultation that these appliances were not designed for continuous use. They would simply break after a short time and then put us in front of a huge waste problem.

Thank you for your support!